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I have recently returned from a hard-earned vacation in Spain. The weather was good, good food and nexxx I had one of the best holidays, even with my friend Jill. The way back to the airport was crowded and chaotic traffic and the fact that Jill, who got up early nexxx and most packaging was a little tired. The airport was chaos checkin queues and everyone was irritable. By the time we got to our seats, Jill was asleep rapidly near the window, and I enjoyed fantasizing about him, the attractive hostesses walked to my seat in the hall. We were near the back of the 757 seats, and most people will soon be reading or sleeping. For some reasom I wake up and caught the attention of an attractive blonde stewardess, who later discovered is called Dee. She looked at me once again that curious look, and soon developed a large lump in my jeans that are sure to be noticed that the belt Im sure that I nexxx stopped to watch and I'm sure deliberately tOuche my cock, make an effort, and exploit my jeans began. Meanwhile, Jill and slept next to me says he wants to catch up on sleep and even refuses to eat during the flight. When the food arrived Dee put it in the tray and then asked if I wanted something more suggestively. I said softly, there are many things I wanted my eyes and looked at my hurt, now conveniently hidden drawer with my dinner. Dee smiled and said they prefer beer or wine. I said, beer, and when I got it from my hand fell off the car nexxx and gently touched his leg. She replied with a smile, but he was too busy serving other passengers to buy. Quickly, I have my food and in any case, and then decided to go to the bathroom. There was no snake, but I turned I saw Dee and her friend Barbara smiled. I found myself chatting and hoped I could slip Dee my phone number and are at a later date. I could go back to the light of the thre galleys, Dee was really sexy and handsome. He was about 5'9 in its 27 high heels, blonde hair in ponytail, blue eyes and a beautiful 36 25 Figure 37. She nexxx mocked me nervous to see with their eyes when I looked back, the back of Jill 's head is still in a sleeping position. Dee says, ' Have you ever been hard,' I answered no, and it was then. Then he opened the bathroom door and pushed me into it, blocking as Barbara was out. Later I learned that Barbara was talking to other passengers to another claim loo it was a temporary unserviced. Dee was soon sucking my cock and was angry with her. There was little room, but it was obvious that this is a skill that most flight attendants was obsessed. She lifted nexxx her skirt and asked me to lick her pussy. She had black stockings and suspenders wonderdul with a beautiful red thong tighter shaved pussies. He licked until he came, and she moaned wildly as I swallowed the juice of sperm. Then I sat on the seat, and she stretched her pussy ride my cock 8 inches until she returned to near Cumming. At that time I was naked and was sucking furiously on her erect nipples. Which runs back and start calling and trash moann to swallow my legs. Collapsed under the other, and she says ' Cragging ' is a term airplane cockpit crew to pick up a passenger during the flight, and that all airlines were doing. Apparently it was a concept of British Airways, so called because it was the thrill of it against the risk of being caught, to be hanging from a cliff or Cragg, so cragging. They tied me up, we exchanged numbers and I get up to go, but says he expects Dee. I said, what to see and says, youll. She goes to the bathroom door and tell her friend Barbara to me immediately, I rest. We fuck like crazy for what seems like 20 minutes and I start to worry me I wake up with Jill and I have become totally get. I came three times damn Barabara, theI also show how the position of my car, that her nexxx beautiful ass fucking. When I left Dee winks at me, show after hitting the door twice to Barbara that the air is pure. nexxx I return to find my place jill awaken to wonder if the food was not good. When the plane landed at Gatwick Dee and Barbara were approved at the door, and when I went to Barbara stroking my back as Dee whispered. 'They were very hard ' I left the Air 2000 flight I think is the best company I've used and had want to ride with them again. So the nexxx next time you fly anywhere, ask the flight attendants who would like to go hard and take it from there. I am very happy that I have a Cragg mile high and a big thanks to Dee and I'm Barbara.
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Samedi 26 mai 6 26 /05 /Mai 22:26

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